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On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," correspondent Jamie Gangel broke down the significance of former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows handing over a significant number of documents, even as he moved to renege on his pledge to cooperate.

"Let's start with your new reporting," said anchor Erin Burnett. "What is included in what Meadows did hand over? The roughly 6,000 pages of documents, what is in there, as far as you know?"

"So let's remember, this was voluntary, no claim of privilege," said Gangel. "We are told by the committee that in those documents Meadows has handed over include messages sent and received during the riot, texts, e-mails, calls, while the events of the insurrection were actually going on on January 6th. Committee member Zoe Lofgren told us earlier today the records include, quote, 'volumes of material,' including real-time communication."

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"So, look, Erin, we don't know yet the details of who Meadows was communicating with that day," added Gangel. "But we do know a lot of people had Meadows' cell phone. So, think about it. White House officials, rally organizers, Trump loyalists, members of Congress. All should be aware that if they were communicating with Meadows, texting, emailing on January 6th, the committee may already have those documents. I just want to add one thing. If Donald Trump is as mad about Mark Meadows' book as we're hearing, he's going to be furious when he realizes that Meadows handed over all these records with no claim of privilege."

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Jamie Gangel says Trump will be "furious" Mark Meadows handed over documents