mark meadows

Legal expert and "Above the Law" writer Bradley Moss noted that the new revelations disclosed by Mark Meadows should be enough for the Justice Department to consider criminal conduct.

Meadows' revealed that the White House was in discussions with members of Congress about overthrowing the 2020 election and went so far as to produce a PowerPoint presentation about the options available "on the hill," the letter from House Select Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) explained.

A conspiracy between the White House and members of Congress to overthrow the election and circumvent the electoral college state electoral slates is enough to qualify for criminal conduct, Moss argued.

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The "only question at this point is whether the Justice Department views that as criminal conduct," he tweeted.

Meadows reportedly turned over a trove of documents including emails and text messages from his personal email and phone, which aren't supposed to be used for government business.