'God had cornered me': Mark Meadows explains why he had no choice but to work in Trump's White House
Rep. Mark Meadows (C-SPAN2)

Former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) frequently cites God as the one responsible for the path of his life.

In a 2017 interview with him from Christian Broadcast Network, Meadows said that he never wanted to be in Congress, but that God had other plans for him.

In his new book, Meadows also calls his tenure in former President Donald Trump's administration an act of divine intervention.

"The president of the United States was asking me to serve my country, and the answer was going to have to be yes. As my wife would put it later, God had cornered me."

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His wife's brother-in-law had called Meadows "nuts" for going to work for Trump, but his wife maintained their lives weren't under their own control. It was God, which is part of the doctrine of Divine Command Theory, which puts God at the source of any and all actions in one's life.

“We didn’t have any choice,” Meadow's wife said. “God cornered us.”

The belief seems inconsistent as Meadows faced ethics scandals during his time in public service. Ahead of taking over the chief of staff's office, Meadows was caught lying about his education. He falsely claimed, for many years, that he had a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida. The official biography maintained by the Office of the Historian of the U.S. House of Representatives showed that after questions arose, he changed it to reflect that he had an associate's degree.

Meadows's congressional office was the source of an expensive ethics scandal after it was found that his chief of staff sexually harassed women in his office. The chief resigned, but remained on the official government payroll, the Office of Congressional Ethics explained. He earned $58,125 from April 2015 to August 2015, even after a letter from Meadows terminating the chief's employment on March 31. Months before taking over the White House post, Meadows was fined $40,625, to match the "salary that was not commensurate with his work."

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He then faced another ethics scandal involving $60,000 in campaign expenditures that came after Meadows said he wouldn't seek reelection.

There is also the matter of Trump exposing at least 500 people to COVID-19, a Washington Post report calculated.

The Meadows book is on sale now.