Mark Meadows was in the middle of Trump's 'harebrained' schemes -- including the coup: ABC's Karl
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According to ABC's Jonathan Karl, the House committee investigating the January 6th insurrection will likely focus like a laser on former Donald Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows who was personally involved in many of Donald Trump initiatives -- legal or not.

Speaking with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who called the last days of the Trump White House a "clown show," Karl said Meadows seemed to have his fingers in the middle of much of what Trump wanted done.

"It looked like a clown show except these people were in the White House and trying to overthrow the United States government or overturn an election of an American president when every judge said there was nothing to these charges," the Morning Joe host commented. "What was your takeaway talking to Donald Trump and digging into this as deeply as you did? "

"Well, first of all, I think that the role of Mark Meadows that was mentioned by Mika Brzezinski is important."

"This was the white house chief of staff, this was one of his campaign lawyers outlining a very specific plan with dates and times that was all centering on Mike Pence obeying the orders of Donald Trump, and it was a plan that if Pence had gone along with, would have resulted in a much bigger constitutional crisis than what we saw" Karl explained. "And Joe, what I found is that's just one example of where this could have gone off the rails and almost did go off the rails even in a more spectacular way than it did."

"Mark Meadows played a role throughout this, and Joe and Mika, I document this chapter and verse," he continued. "The role that Meadows played during the transition to chase down, to pursue every hare-brained scheme Donald Trump had; every conspiracy theory to try to undo what is really the central miracle of American democracy, a peaceful transition of power."

"Meadows was pressuring the Pentagon, the Justice Department into doing this in the end with Mike Pence -- much of this not known at the time," Karl elaborated. "He just played this role of trying to use all means necessary to effectuate what would have been a coup -- it was a coup overturning a proper election."

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