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Mark Meadows (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia)

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee released a report detailing the case against former chief of staff Mark Meadows for criminal contempt.

Publishing the case on Sunday, the details revealed that Meadows asked members of Congress to help connect former President Donald Trump with state lawmakers so that he could make the case for overturning the election.

“POTUS wants to chat with them,” Meadows said in a Jan. 2021 communication that was obtained by the committee.

In another incident, Meadows put in an email that he had the National Guard on stand-by to protect the pro-Trump supporters. It prompts questions why the Guard was then so slow to respond to requests for help.

The 52-page report is detailed and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks made it clear that Meadows' situation is about to get very uncomfortable for him. She also argued that after the Appeals Court shot down former President Donald Trump's attempt to block documents, it's as if the Jan. 6 committee has been even more strengthened.

"Mark Meadows a key figure -- he was with the president on and before Jan. 6th," Wine-Banks explained. "He knows what the president knows and when he knew it. He knows whether he worked with the committee, the Jan. 6th organizers. There are so many things that only he can tell. and if Congress is going to have any oversight role and any role in preventing a future occurrence of an assault on our democracy, they need this information in order to craft legislation. So, I think that it's a very strong letter."

She went on to predict the Justice Department will take it seriously and likely refer him for contempt, just as it did with Steve Bannon.

You can read the full documents at the House Select Committee's page here.

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