Trump is 'furious' at Mark Meadows for spilling the beans about his illness last year: Gloria Borger
Angry Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House following Robert Mueller's testimony (screen grab)

CNN's Gloria Borger reported on Thursday that former President Donald Trump is not pleased with his one-time chief of staff for spilling the beans about his testing positive for COVID-19 earlier than had been previously disclosed.

Borger told host Anderson Cooper that "a source who is familiar with the president's thinking" told her that Trump is "furious about what is in the book" and is "angry with Mark Meadows."

She then speculated that Meadows rushed to Newsmax this week to claim that accurate reports about his upcoming book were "fake news" because he was desperate to remain in Trump's good graces if he runs for the White House again in 2024.

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In his new book Meadows claimed that Trump tested positive for COVID-19 just days before his first scheduled debate with President Joe Biden last year.

Trump had a subsequent negative test and decided to keep the earlier positive test a secret.

However, it's now clear that the first positive test was correct because Trump would be hospitalized from COVID-19 in the days after the Biden debate.

Trump has even taken criticism from some of his own former White House officials for hiding the results of the positive test from them.

Watch the video below.

Trump is 'furious' at Mark Meadows for spilling the beans about his illness last year