MAGA kids launch Christmas insurrection in Mark Zuckerberg-themed Elf on the Shelf parody

"Naughty" MAGA children launch a "decoration insurrection" during a Mark Zuckerberg-themed "Elf on the Shelf" parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night.

"Elf on the Shelf is very popular, but when it comes to spying on us, the elf has got a lot of competition. In fact, one little fella in particular is running circles around him right now," Kimmel said during his monologue, introducing a parody commercial for "Zuck on a Truck."

The ad's narrator states that while the Elf on the Shelf "can only see so much," with Zuck on a Truck, "no secret is safe."

"With the power of Facebook's massive database, your personal Mark Zuckerberg knows absolutely everything," the narrator states, as Zuck on a Truck tells one child that his mom is having an affair.

"Zuck on a Truck can tell if you've been naughty or nice," the narrator says. "He knows every website you've ever visited, every place you've ever lived, every friend you've ever made, every love you've ever lost, every schoolmate you've stalked. Zuck on a Truck even knows when you'll die — and, he has a working horn!"

As one child prepares to smash a Christmas display with a hammer, Zuck on a Truck watches and says, "It's not my place to judge what's right and wrong."

"Zuck on a Truck takes no responsibility for your dangerous misbehavior," the narrator states. "Quite the contrary, Zuck on a Truck will use his Yuletide algorithm to connect all the naughty children in your neighborhood."

At that point, a group of children in MAGA gear show up at the door.

"Santa's list is rigged!" one screams. "Storm the tree!"

The children — including one resembling the QAnon shaman and another holding a sign that says "Mom eats the cookies!" — lay siege to the home, smashing decorations and ripping open gifts before trying to topple the tree.

"It's a decoration insurrection with Zuck on a Truck, which for legal reasons has now been rebranded as Meta on a Jetta," the narrator says.

Watch it at the 10:40 mark in the video below.

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