Defiant MAGA candidate replaces prohibited 'Let's Go Brandon' Christmas display with larger 'FJB' lights

A Trump-loving congressional candidate in Florida has replaced his controversial "Let's Go Brandon" Christmas display with a lighted "FJB" sign that is nine times larger.

Both displays, of course, are intended to convey the same message: "F*ck Joe Biden."

Martin Hyde was facing fines of up to $150 per day from his homeowners association in Sarasota over the "Let's Go Brandon" sign, which he created with lighted letters on a second-floor balcony facing the street, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The display included an inflatable Santa Claus standing behind the sign on the balcony.

"Hyde has embraced 'Let's Go Brandon' as he tries to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan from the right. He had bumper stickers and shirts made with the phrase on them," the newspaper reports. "Known for being provocative and outspoken, Hyde hired Roger Stone, a famous GOP provocateur, as a campaign consultant. So it may not be surprising that his Christmas display also would veer into the realm of provocation."

After being warned about the "Let's Go Brandon" display by the homeowners association, Hyde took it down and unveiled lighted "FJB" letters on Wednesday night. He says the new display cost him $1,000 to have made, and he's willing to risk being fined for it.

"He parked his campaign bus outside and played music while offering free pizza, beer and wine to supporters," the newspaper reports. "He gave a speech and then unveiled large lettering wrapped in Christmas lights that read "#FJB."

“When you poke the bear, there are outcomes and circumstances," Hyde told the newspaper.

"We had a blast in Sarasota pushing back on 'Cancel culture,'" he wrote above video from the event on Facebook.

Hyde, who reportedly lives in a liberal-leaning neighborhood, accused the homeowners association of selectively enforcing its ban on signs.

"If I put a message up there they liked, they’d be slapping me on the back," he said. "It’s got everything to do with they don’t like what it says."

But homeowners association president John Habbert said the dispute has nothing to do with politics.

"When he purchased his house, Mr. Hyde signed documents stating that he would abide by all HOA rules -- including no signs other than house numbers or For Sale notices," Habbert said. "Other residents have been asked to remove signs and have complied without any problems, but Mr. Hyde refuses to do so."