Mary Trump: Uncle's humiliation after losing caused him to push his 'big lie' — and it's getting worse
Donald Trump at opening ceremony for 2018 NATO summit. (Gints Ivuskans /

Psychologist Mary Trump warned of her uncle's plot against democracy during a Friday appearance on MSNBC.

MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan interviewed Donald Trump's niece about her new story in The New Republic titled "Donald's Plot Against America."

"How much does he believe he won the election, because people have convinced him to believe these mad conspiracies? How much of it is just a grift, a means to an end?" Hasan asked.

"It is both," Trump replied. "As it always is with Donald."

"He doesn't need anybody to convince him that he won. He needed to convince himself, because he got so badly beaten. He was so humiliated that that could not stand," she explained.

"The problem is, as egregious as people like Mike Lindell are, as horrible as it is that because of Donald we have to be subjected to these people, the real problem and the real responsibility lies with the Republican Party and Republican leadership. They could have turned this off at any point from the election through January 6th and the problem is they let it go. They let him perpetuate the big lie. he got more and more people in his corner supporting him and then the insurrection happened," she continued.

The former president's niece also warned of Trump's latest lie, that the January 6th insurrection was a legitimate protest.

"This one is exceedingly dangerous, much more dangerous in some ways than the original 'Big Lie,' because it is stoking people's grievance in a way that is preparing them to take back the government, you know, as if it has been stolen from them. The fact that January 6th, nobody has been punished for it, we have seditionists currently serving in our government whose goal it is to undermine democracy. Donald is being allowed to stay relevant, to accrue power, and because of that we are looking at a situation in which it is very possible the Republicans are going to use those accusations of fraud, those grievances that are really stirring up the base, and spreading by the way, to enact these voter suppression laws, that may convince Donald that he can run because he won't lose and that's terrifying."


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