'More to come': Former president promises to sue 'Fake News media' after he goes after NYT and his own niece
Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump stand together during the Republican National Convention. (Shutterstock)

Former president Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against The New York Times and his own niece, Mary Trump, for what his attorneys call an "insidious plot to obtain confidential and highly-sensitive records," where the younger Trump "smuggle[d] records out of her attorney's office and turn[ed] them over to The Times."

But this could only be the beginning. According to an update from The Daily Beast on Wednesday, Trump may have plans to file more suits against the media.

"After the filing of the suit, a spokesperson for Donald Trump issued a somewhat cryptic statement on his behalf suggesting more litigation could be on the horizon," reported Maxwell Tani and Harry Siegel. "'More to come, including on other people, and Fake News media,' it said."

The records Trump is suing over refer to tax information used by The Times in a bombshell 2020 article detailing the Trump family's business losses and tax-dodging schemes. Trump and other members of his family allege this was protected by a confidentiality agreement Mary Trump signed in 2001 during a dispute over the will of Trump's father, although a judge already found the agreement too vague to stop the release of her memoir.

"Trump himself is the target of a lawsuit linked to the estate dispute," noted the Beast. "Shortly after Mary Trump's book was published, she sued the then-president; his sister, retired federal appeals court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry; and the executor of the estates of his late brother Robert, accusing them of stealing millions of dollars from her after the 1981 death of her father, Frederick Trump Jr."