Psychologist Mary Trump ridicules Paul Ryan’s psychoanalysis of her uncle

Psychologist Mary Trump was interviewed by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on Thursday about a report on former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) that appeared in the forthcoming book Peril.

O'Donnell said, "I'm eager to get your reaction to the [Bob] Woodward and [Robert] Costa account of Paul Ryan doing his psychiatric homework on narcissistic personality disorder during the presidential transition as he was trying to figure out President-elect Donald Trump."

"As is often the case, it's shocking but not surprising," Trump replied.

"One of the things that's shocking about it is that Paul Ryan was allegedly found flat-footed after the election when anybody who was paying attention, anybody with some modicum of intelligence and insight who had met Donald for five minutes would have known what a deeply psychologically disordered person he was," she explained.

"So for Paul Ryan to have waited for Donald to be in the Oval Office before doing his homework and attempting to put up safeguards, long after he actually could have done something to make a difference is, I think, testament to how we got where we are, the kind of fecklessness of people like Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake, who instead of taking a stand against what was clearly a dangerous and incompetent person, they just stood aside and let him ascend to power and then have left the rest of us to deal with the quite serious fallout."

Mary Trump described Ryan as a coward.

"So the problem is because potentially moderating influences -- and I'm not suggesting that he ultimately would have been, but at the time, the belief was that people like Paul Ryan would be some kind of moderating influence, because they chose to be cowards and get out of public life, we now understand that Donald is not the end result of how bad the Republican Party can be, he's the leading edge of it," she explained.


Mary Trump