Maryland man goes on racist N-word tirade at Asian 'Shang-Chi' moviegoer: 'I'm not afraid to hit a woman'
Man goes on racist tirade (Photo: screen capture)

The new Marvel film "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" rocked box offices over the holiday weekend, earning $83.5 million, People magazine reported. But at least one Maryland man wasn't happy about the film, launching into a racist tirade at those seeing it, reported NextShark.

The man was exiting the theater at the same time as moviegoer Jeff Chan when the stranger came over him. The caption says that it began when the man approached Chan for help with getting an Uber home. Given the man wasn't wearing a mask, Chan asked him to keep a 6-foot distance. That set him off.

Only part of the exchange was captured on video, but what was posted shows the man slinging the N-word and throwing up middle fingers. He shouts a slew of slurs at Chan like "f*ggot," "China b*tch," "p*ssy," and according to the caption a "ch*nk." He also threatened to have Chan "locked up." One of Chan's friends tried to intervene but the man said he wasn't "afraid to hit a woman."

At one point, a white man looking at his phone walked by and the aggressor asks the bystander if "you wanna whoop this guys ass." The man refuses to make eye contact, saying simply "nope" and walks away.

"I think it was definitely race-motivated because he asked the white guy if he wanted to help him assault me. Ironically, the movie Shang-Chi just finished," Chan said.

Chan said that he did call the police, saying that he was concerned the man "was a danger to society, especially since he was standing in front of a movie theater."

"Asian hate is still a thing," he said.

See the video below: