Armed South Carolina woman attacks police detective at aquarium after profanely ranting against masks: report
Lisa Bostick (Charleston County Department of Corrections).

On Wednesday, Live 5 News reported that a Lisa Bostick, a South Carolina woman who was in possession of a loaded gun, attacked a police detective at the South Carolina Aquarium after refusing to wear a face mask.

"The incident happened last Sunday when a detective was working an off-duty assignment at the aquarium and was approached by employees who were requesting to have a guest removed from the center for failing to comply with several requests to wear her mask," reported Ray Rivera. "A report states that Bostick told staff members to 'f*ck themselves' when asked to pull her mask up from her neck to her face in order to be in compliance with the aquarium's policies. Police said as Bostick was leaving the gift shop, the detective approached her and asked her to follow him outside."

The report states that at this point, Bostick "became belligerent," started "waving her hands violently in his face," and when the detective moved to arrest her, she "struck him in the neck and chest area."

After being arrested, officers discovered the firearm, which was being carried without a permit and in a facility that prohibits them. She was also carrying pills, which she claims are a legal prescription but were not found in a prescription bottle.

Bostick faces charges of disorderly conduct, simple assault, and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Around the country, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, disputes over public health rules are as tense as ever. At a Tucson, Arizona elementary school last week, three individuals tried to zip-tie the principal after one of their children was sent home to quarantine. And in Watertown, New York, an anti-masker was arrested at a city council meeting after an angry rant about the earth being flat.