Everything known so far about the Chesapeake, Virginia mass shooting
Police Tape (AFP)

A Wednesday morning briefing by police on the Chesapeake, Virginia mass shooting at the local Walmart revealed further details about the incident.

In addition to the information revealed by police, WAVY-TV News and VICE are both reporting on some accounts posted on social media by people who say they were in the store during the shooting.

There are unconfirmed accounts from one employee that the shooter was his manager at the store. When an employee did a Facebook Live video discussing his experience, he said that it was his manager. He'd come out of the break room and started shooting, the man said.

“Sadly though, we lost some of our associates, I don’t know how many," he said.

Police revealed that there were four people that were taken to area hospitals with gunshot wounds. At least three of those four have since died. Police are also asking others who may have taken themselves to hospitals tell police if they were harmed.

Colleagues of the man in the live stream asked why he thought the man opened fire on the building.

“I couldn’t tell y’all, I don’t know,” he said. “He plotted this sh*t, you could tell he plotted this.”

A 31-year-old janitor is among the dead, according to those speaking on the live stream.

Another woman told local reporters that her 20-year-old brother had just signed into work when he was shot. It isn't clear what his status is.

“When the initial officers got here, they quickly realized it was an active threat situation, and we switched our tactics to an active threat response,” said Chesapeake Police Department Chief Mark Solesky.

He said that when the officers arrived, they saw “multiple fatalities and multiple injuries” and on the victim was outside the store.

He also revealed that they were able to ensure that there was only one shooter and that he had shot himself.

Panic has spread through the community Wednesday morning, with a rumor breaking out in the Target down the street from the Walmart that there was an active shooter in the building, sending employees and shoppers fleeing. It was a false rumor and there were no active shooters in the building, About Chesapeake reported.

Fox3 revealed that Andre Bing was the shooter and that ahead of the shooting he was joking around with colleagues as if nothing was wrong.

See the video of the Walmart employees after the shooting below:

Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, is blaming the nation's "mental health crisis" on the shooting.