'Who cares if he calls?': PA's Mastriano ridiculed by newly-elected Josh Shapiro for refusal to concede
Dana Bash, Josh Shapiro (CNN iscreenshot)

During an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union," Josh Shapiro, the governor-elect of Pennsylvania, laughed when asked if his election-conspiracy-obsessed opponent Doug Mastriano has called him yet to concede.

Shapiro, who swamped his opponent by getting over 56 percent of the vote was declared the winner days ago, but Mastriano has stayed out of the public eye even when Pennsylvania GOP Senate nominee Mehmet Oz called his opponent, John Fetterman, the morning after the election to congratulate him after a much closer win.

Asked about Mastriano, who was catapulted to the GOP nomination due to Donald Trump's endorsement in part because he is an ardent supporter of Trump's stolen election claims, Shapiro smirked when CNN host Dana Bash brought up his name.

"Your Republican opponent, Doug Mastriano, still has not conceded the race, five days after CNN projected you are the winner. Are you still waiting for a phone call? What's your message to him?" the State of the Union host asked.

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"I mean, who cares if he calls, right?" Shapiro smirked. "He doesn't get to pick the winner; the people pick the winner. In a resounding way, they made clear that they wanted me to lead this commonwealth forward."

"We had a historic win, more votes than any gubernatorial candidate in history," he continued before remarking, "I could care less if the guy calls me."

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