Matt Gaetz 'successfully rolled' Kevin McCarthy and handed Democrats a new weapon
Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy (Gaetz photo by Stefani Reynolds for AFP/McCarthy photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

According to MSNBC contributor Kurt Bardella, newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is going to have some explaining to do when he has to reveal to his caucus what he promised the far-right extremists in the House in his unrelenting campaign to be handed the gavel.

As the former GOP spokesperson explained to host Alex Witt, the new speaker probably got "rolled" and the concessions he made will come in handy for Democrats trying to slow McCarthy's agenda down.

Addressing Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) attempt to attack Gaetz after his "present" vote on the 14th ballot, Bardell explained, "Well I think that the feeling, that temperament that Congressman Rogers put on display, I think it really captures how a lot of members really feel about how Matt Gaetz successfully rolled Kevin McCarthy here and I think that feeling is only going to fester and grow as more and more members find out what the true cost of the speakership was for Kevin to attain it."

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"One point that I want to make," he later added. "The absolute insanity here of having only one member being able to make the motion to vacate."

"Listen, that is a two-way street here," he elaborated. "If Kevin McCarthy and Republicans kick members like [Democratic reps] Eric Swalwell or Adam Schiff off of their committees, what is to stop them from going to the floor every day saying, 'Well, now that I'm off of their committees I can just say I want to do a motion to vacate and take up all of the floor-time?"

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