Gaetz is in grave danger because Florida tax official could flip on him: ex-federal prosecutor Preet Bharara

On CNN Tuesday, former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara suggested that the sex trafficking investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) could get much worse for the congressman, as the main target of the probe, former Florida tax official Joel Greenberg, could incriminate him to cut a deal.

"What I think is really a dangerous sign for Matt Gaetz, couple things," said Bharara. "One ... you have this individual, Mr. Greenberg, in Florida who has the charges keep mounting against him, and he's facing more and more jail time as additional counts are brought to bear against him. The easiest way for him to avoid jail time, as we've seen in other cases as well, is for him to flip, and who better to flip on with federal prosecutors than a sitting member of Congress? So that's bad because all the incentives are in favor of him cooperating. There is -- perhaps audio recordings. We know there is surveillance footage. He can fill in the gaps and connect the dots with bad behavior on the part of Matt Gaetz but not yet proven."

"The second thing I would say is a lot of this reporting suggestions, to the extent there was some interest on the part of people who knew Matt Gaetz and his bad conduct, or alleged bad conduct, were in the position to remain silent. They are no longer remaining silent," said Bharara. "It's not a coincidence these stories are leaking out about Matt Gaetz showing videos of nude women on the floor of the House and he might have sought this pardon. It seems like the floodgates have happened with respect to a lot of third-party witnesses who might have direct evidence of bad conduct and illegal conduct on the part of Matt Gaetz. Not a good sign for him."

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Preet Bharara says Joel Greenberg could flip on Matt Gaetz