‘Extortion is not a defense!’ Florida prosecutor explains why Matt Gaetz can’t talk his way out of trouble

A Florida prosecutor helped MSNBC's Joe Scarborough untangle the allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

The Republican congressman has claimed that Department of Justice investigators tried to extort him over sex trafficking allegations, but Palm Beach County state attorney Dave Aronberg said Gaetz is still in deep trouble, even if his wild accusations are true.

"He may have made Tucker Carlson a witness," Aronberg said. "'Hey, you remember the woman I was with? She was over age,' and [Carlson] was like, 'I don't remember any of that.' So that's something that struck me."

"I think his main defense is going to be that he has never dated anyone underage," the prosecutor added, "and this whole thing about extortion, as Joe correctly pointed out, that's more of a smokescreen for the court of public opinion. That is not a defense to a charge of child sex trafficking, so let's see what the evidence shows. I have a feeling we're going to learn a lot more very soon."

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