News broke on Wednesday that an ex-girlfriend of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) testified before a grand jury that is investigating whether the scandal-plagued Florida lawmaker engaged in sex trafficking and other offenses.

And as CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen explained, that should be very worrying to Gaetz.

"It can't be good news for Matt Gaetz," he said. "Of course we don't know exactly what she said or did inside the building where the grand jury is meeting. The reason it's not good news is because... this woman who has information about that critical period where Gaetz is accused -- or, I should say, under investigation, and we don't yet have the outcome of the investigation of crimes like having sex with a minor, transporting women across state lines, possible obstruction -- she was connected with Mr. Gaetz during the same period that those allegations are under investigation."

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Eisen then said that while this news is bad for Gaetz personally, it's good news for accountability for politicians in the United States.

"This terrible era needs to have accountability and it's good that prosecutors are looking into serious allegations like this," he said.

Watch the video below.

CNN analyst says Matt Gaetz should be worried about ex-girlfriend's testimony