No one is shocked by Matt Gaetz's 'skin-crawling' sleaze -- and that's an indictment of the GOP: columnist

Very few of Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R-FL) colleagues are publicly defending his allegedly sleazy behavior, and many GOP lawmakers are telling reporters anonymously that they aren't surprised that he's been caught up in multiple scandals.

However, Daily Beast columnist Erin Gloria Ryan argues that Gaetz's sleaze being an open secret is an incredibly damning indictment of the Republican Party.

"The general response from his party compatriots seems to be: 'of course,'" Ryan writes. "If that's the case, then why the f*ck didn't any of Gaetz's congressional colleagues do anything? Why didn't any 'party officials'?"

Ryan then recounts how each new detail of Gaetz's alleged debauchery has been more "skin-crawling" than the last, and after recapping all the damning revelations about his behavior, Ryan says she feels like she needs to "take a shower."

"What the hell is wrong with Gaetz's congressional colleagues who suspected or witnessed this behavior but did approximately jack sh*t to stop it?" she asks. "I'm serious. What is wrong with the people who knew about this and yet were more concerned with their own publicity than they were with the safety of their coworkers, upholding of the law, and the business of the country?"

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