WATCH: Matt Gaetz warns of the dangers of letting sexual predators escape consequences on House floor
Screen cap / CSPAN

While speaking out in favor of a bill that would end mandatory arbitration for workplace sexual harassment cases, scandal-plagued Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) talked about the importance of holding sex offenders accountable.

During a speech on the House floor Monday, Gaetz explained why he was one of the few Republicans in support of this particular measure.

"Here is the question presented: Should sexual harassers who work for big businesses get to pick their juries in advance?" Gaetz asked rhetorically. "I believe that the populist, nationalist right approach is to believe that the Article 3 courts, that we have set up for any and all, function as the proper venue. But for tens of millions of American workers, that courthouse door is locked!"

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Gaetz added that corporations have a distinct advantage when it comes to arbitration hearings, and that "shouldn't be a reason that someone is more likely to have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace, or more likely, to evade consequence as a result of predatory behavior."

Gaetz at the moment is facing a criminal investigation into whether he potentially paid for sex with a girl who was at the time under the legal age of 18.

Watch the video below.

Matt Gaetz warns of the dangers of letting sex offenders escape consequences on House floor