Matt Gaetz avoiding his office and cornering his colleagues for help as sex scandal threatens his career: CNN

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is in full damage control mode following a deluge of salacious allegations of sex trafficking, drug use, and political corruption.

"Rep. Matt Gaetz, facing a scandal that threatens to end his career, is privately telling his colleagues that he has been treated unfairly while at the same time saying he's been cooperative with the Justice Department's investigation as he remains on shaky ground," CNN reported Saturday.

"On Tuesday, Gaetz came to the Capitol for the first time since the federal investigation was revealed, engaging in combative exchanges with reporters. Since then, he's kept a low-profile on Capitol Hill in the rest of his first week back, avoiding his congressional office, attending committee hearings, taking side entrances onto the House floor and largely ignoring reporters' questions," CNN reported. "Gaetz has spent hours on the House floor during long vote series this week, sitting in the back of the chamber with a handful of his closest allies in the House Republican conference."

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told CNN that Gaetz apparently thinks of himself as a victim.

"I haven't pressed him on it other than he feels like he's being treated very unfairly and it sure looks like he is," Gohmert said.

Gaetz dug himself deeper on Friday when he joined a highly controversial caucus labeled by critics as the Ku Klux Kaucus.