Matt Schlapp interviews Jim Jordan at CPAC as both face groping and fondling scandals
CPAC/screen grab

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Chair Matt Schlapp, who has been accused of fondling a male staffer, on Thursday interviewed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who has been implicated in a fondling scandal.

On the second day of CPAC's Washington, D.C. conference, Schlapp kicked off the event by inviting Jordan to the stage.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this year, a staffer for former Senate candidate Herschel Walker accused Schlapp of "aggressively fondling" his "genital area in a sustained fashion."

And Jordan was accused of knowing about and dismissing students' concerns after a doctor fondled them at Ohio State University, where he was coaching at the time.

"I'm really proud to be standing alongside someone, I think, might just be the most powerful man in Washington, D.C.," Schlapp told Jordan.

For his part, Jordan attacked the so-called "cancel culture."

"The most important liberty you have, in my judgment, is your right to talk," the Ohio Republican said. "Because if you can't speak, you can't practice your faith, you can't share your faith; you can't petition your government, you don't really have freedom of press. I mean, that's the most important one."

"And that's the one they go after," he added. "We've all experienced it."

"Yeah," Schlapp agreed.

"The way the left operates, you know, if you don't agree with them, they're going to come after you; they're going to call you a fascist or a racist. They're not going to let you — that's the cancel culture model," Jordan opined. "We've all had to live through some of the crazy things the left does."

Watch the video at this link.