Matt Schlapp claims he and Fox's Laura Ingraham went 'undercover' at 2020 BLM protest
Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) organizer Matt Schlapp claimed this Friday that he and Fox News host Laura Ingraham went "undercover" at the May 31, 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in D.C., The Daily Beast reports.

Schlapp said he dressed up in camouflage and wore a mask to hide his identity, and added that Ingraham was the "impetus" for the stunt when she said “let’s go down and see this” as the protest against the killing of George Floyd took place outside the White House, adding that she’s “one tough mother."

“And I have to say, all you could smell was drugs,” Schlapp said. “There were no cops. It was complete pandemonium. It was like a scene from a movie, you know, Escape From New York or one of these end of the world things.”

He went to claim that he personally witnessed vandalism and arson take place during the protest, and that the protesters “almost breached the 18 acres of the White House” and injured dozens of police officers and Secret Service agents in the process.

“You’ll never read or hear about that,” he exclaimed.

Schlapp made the comments during the second day of CPAC while sitting on stage alongside his wife Mercedes and conservative filmmaker Jason Killian Meath.

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