Trump rages against Manhattan prosecutors after DOJ veteran hired to jump-start criminal probes
Trump speaking at a rally in 2019. (

The Manhattan district attorney's office hired a new investigator who should make Donald Trump nervous.

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan D.A., tapped former Justice Department official Matthew Colangelo to likely become one of the lead investigators into criminal matters involving the former president, and his hiring could jump-start those seemingly stalled probes, reported MSNBC columnist Steve Benen.

"But what makes Colangelo’s record notable is not just that he was the #3 official at Main Justice," Benen wrote. "This same prosecutor helped lead the investigation that led to the shutdown of Trump’s fake charitable foundation. Colangelo also helped lead the investigation that resulted in the New York attorney general’s office filing a quarter-billion-dollar case against the former president and three of his adult children."

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Trump has been raging against New York prosecutors for days, which could be a reaction to Colangelo's hiring.

"The district attorney’s office has an experienced new prosecutor with a keen understanding of the former president’s dealings — as that same office investigates Trump’s hush-money scandal and allegedly fraudulent business practices," Benen wrote. "In light of Colangelo’s new gig, it’s hardly a stretch to think Trump will be publishing quite a few related missives in the coming months."