St Louis vigilante couple who aimed guns at protesters pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault
Patricia McCloskey (Screen Grab)

Patricia and Mark McCloskey have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges after they came out of their home during a Black Lives Matter march to point guns at the protesters, the Associated Press reported.

The protesters were marching to the mayor of St. Louis' home when they walked by the McCloskey home. The couple came out with guns and aimed them at the crowd.

"Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000. Her husband, Mark McCloskey, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750," said the report.

The couple also promised that they would forfeit their weapons.

Mark McCloskey announced in May that he was running for the U.S. Senate, saying that his home was targeted and attacked by Black Lives Matter last summer, which was declared untrue by fact-checkers. McCloskey also made it seem like he was a farmer, posing in a field with tractors behind him. He's actually a trial lawyer.

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