'Flailing' Mitch McConnell buried for 'cynical' attempt to swipe credit for Biden's COVID aid package
Mitch McConnell (Saul Loeb:AFP)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R_KY) received a dressing down on Saturday morning from MSNBC host Ali Velshi for attempting to steal credit for the COVID-19 benefits headed to Americans beginning today, calling the senior Republican's comments on the floor of the Senate "silly and cynical."

As the MSNBC host noted, every Republican in the Senate voted against the major aid package that will help struggling Americans and states deal with the ongoing fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic that slammed the country during former President Donald Trump's administration.

With that in mind, Velshi shared a clip of McConnell attempting to dismiss the bill, saying instead, any help people are seeing is the result of an older Republican-passed bill.

Republican "didn't vote for it and they're hoping you aren't paying attention to that or they're trying to convince you that the benefits you're seeing are an illusion," Velshi explained before adding the Republicans are claiming the benefits are "extremely delayed reactions from something or other that Donald Trump did when he was president."

In his recent speech, McConnell stated, "Senate Republicans led the bipartisan Cares Act that got the country through last year. 2021 is set to be a historic comeback year, not because of the far-left legislation that was passed after the tide had already turned, but because of the resilience of the American people."

"I agree with the resilience of the American people part," host Velshi responded," but the part where McConnell is trying to convince us that the gains that we're trying to see on the heels of this Joe Biden $1.9 trillion rescue package are not related to the historic rescue package at all and they're left over from the package that Republicans did support last year. You can call it a stretch or a silly and cynical lie. You are seeing the desperate lies from Mitch McConnell because he knows how big the legislation is and it is a huge deal that will likely pull the economy out of the covid-induced freefall that we've been experiencing and we will lift millions of Americans out of poverty in the process and that will be the important part."

Watch below:

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