McConnell and other Republicans gathered to laugh at Trump being called a 'moron' by Rex Tillerson: book
Mitch McConnell (Screen Capture)

The ongoing battle between former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was evident Monday evening as excerpts from the new book Peril continued to be leaked ahead of the Tuesday release.

Speaking to MSNBNC's Lawrence O'Donnell, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa reported a gathering of Senate colleagues in the cloakroom after Trump's former secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, called his ex-boss an "f*cking moron."

"'Do you know why Tillerson was able to say that he didn't call the president a 'moron?' McConnell would dryly ask colleagues in his Kentucky drawl. 'Because he called him a f*cking moron!'"

It was also reported in the book that behind the scenes, McConnell worked with then-President-elect Joe Biden to ensure a stable transition because Trump refused.

Since his time in office, Trump has waged his own mini-war against McConnell. He is reportedly working behind the scenes to get Republicans to vote McConnell out of the leadership.

The excerpt from O'Donnell goes on to describe more of the exchange between Trump and the former vice president as the president pressured Mike Pence to overturn the election on Jan. 6.

It also described a scene in which Trump's aides were freezing because he wanted to have the doors open on Jan. 5 to hear his supporters cheering for him outside of the White House.

"Isn't that great!" Trump exclaimed. "Tomorrow's going to be a big day."

See the opener with O'Donnell below:

Trump Vs. McConnell