North Carolina community stunned after viral video shows teacher blurting out N-word in class
Jack Jensen (screengrab).

According to WLOS, the McDowell County, North Carolina school system is investigating after a viral video of a teacher saying the N-word in class shocked students and community members.

"In the video the teacher is appearing to explain who can use the N-word. The teacher is seen in the video standing next to a student, a person of color. 'I’m a white man, so I can’t say n*****,' the teacher is heard saying in the video," reported Caitlyn Penter. "Students are heard in the video expressing shock by what they heard. 'Did you get him saying it,' one student is heard saying in the video. 'When I saw it, I was like oh my God,' said Paula Swepson, executive director for West Marion Community Forum Inc."

According to the report, the teacher, who has been identified as Jack Jensen, has been placed on leave pending investigation.

“I immediately thought of my child who will be entering the school system in just a few short years,” said Emily Roberts, a member of the forum. "I literally felt sick to my stomach."

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This comes after a number of other well-publicized incidents involving racially offensive remarks by teachers.

In August, a teacher in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana was investigated after she wrote on Facebook that a certain part of town was "n*****ville" after dark. And in October, a theater arts teacher at a school near Houston, Texas resigned after a rant demanding there be a "white history month" and complaining that he doesn't get to use the N-word when his students of color can.

Watch the original report here.