DeSantis-promoted doc who said kids don't need to be vaccinated facing investigation from medical board
Gov Ron DeSantis (R-FL) (Photo: Screen capture)

Last month, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) held an event at the state Capitol in Tallahassee talking about the skepticism around masks. Among those on hand as an "expert" was Mark McDonald, a Los Angeles clinical psychiatrist.

A transcript acquired by the Daily Beast after the event revealed that McDonald attacked mask-mandates, specifically singling out his home state of California as a "medical apartheid state" after they reinstituted mask mandates following another increase in cases.

"There is no medical rationale for vaccinating children," he told The Daily Beast at the time. He also suggested masks and vaccines "don't work."

When asked about McDonald's comments by reporter Nancy Levine, the Medical Board of California said that they are examining McDonald for the comments.

"California licensed physicians and surgeons are required to follow the Medical Practice Act and the standard of care when treating patients and not doing so may subject their license to disciplinary action," the statement read. "The Board is aware of the statements made by the physician and will be looking into it."

McDonald wasn't the only so-called "expert" that DeSantis has based his COVID-19 decisions on, but he's certainly the latest to be discredited.

Florida is the third largest state by population in the U.S. and accounts for over 1 in 5 new COVID cases.