The View's Meghan McCain suggests Biden is already as bad as Trump

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain argued that past accusations against President Joe Biden's budget nominee were just as bad as anything former president Donald Trump had ever done.

Neera Tanden's contentious tweets, reported retaliation against sexual harassment victims and other past actions appear likely to sink her chances of heading the White House Office of Management and Budget, and McCain said the Biden nominee is getting what she deserves.

"We've done this topic before, I said she was one of the worst trolls on Twitter for a really long time," McCain said. "Anyone who knows anything about politics, it's not just her tweets. A few examples, she punched a reporter for asking Hillary Clinton a question about the Iraq War. The reporter says that she punched him, she says she just shoved him in the chest. No matter what, you're just assaulting a reporter. People that used to work for her said she was a bad organizational leader. She was called impossible to trust because she named the victim of a sexual harassment victim in a company meeting and exposed them for being the victim of sexual harassment that's reported by Buzzfeed."

She suggested that the Biden administration had burned up all its goodwill from her by putting Tanden forward as the nominee.

"If you're comfortable with someone that assaults reporters, exposes victims of sexual harassment in public forums, which, by the way, we have discussed sexual harassment victims and the #MeToo movement at length in the past four years I've been on this show, and we know what kind of danger that can put a victim in, if this is the kind of character that democrats want, fine."

"Yes, of course, talk about what President Trump did and Ric Grenell and people like that all day long," she added. "But I think you're talking about someone who has violent, putting women possibly in danger, that's not who I want working in government. Unfortunately, anybody who has had any kind of experience on the campaign trail knows what kind this person this woman was and is. She doesn't belong in the Biden administration, and I don't want to hear anything about waxing poetic about searching for the soul of the country and this is a tone shift if you're going to have people like Neera Tanden holding Cabinet positions."

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