"The View" host Meghan McCain
"The View" host Meghan McCain. (Photo: Screen capture)

Meghan McCain is expected to announce her departure from ABC's The View on Thursday morning.

"Meghan will announce her resignation on Thursday's show," a Disney source told DailyMail.com. "We have tried to keep her, but she is adamant that now is the right time for her to leave. She will finish at the end of July 2021.''

A person close to McCain told Fox News: "It was her decision."

McCain's co-hosts — including Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Ana Navarro — reportedly were not yet aware of her decision.

Page Six reports that McCain's expected departure comes as something of a surprise given that she said in January on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: "Because whether we like it or not, I'm not going anywhere on the show, Joy's not going anywhere on the show, we all have to live and co-exist together just like Americans right now, which is a little deeper of an answer, but we're all going to try and co-exist and I really want to have us all move forward."

Fox News notes that McCain "regularly feuds with her liberal colleagues on the show" and that "her role as the show's token conservative often leads to criticism from the show's largely liberal audience."

Indeed, many appeared to be celebrating Thursday morning.