Melania Trump's poll numbers hit rock bottom as she prepares to depart White House
First Lady Melania Trump, official White House photo.

Melania Trump will leave the White House this week with the lowest poll numbers that she has seen during her time as first lady.

A new CNN poll found that only 42% of Americans view the first lady favorably, compared with 47% who view her unfavorably. Twelve percent of respondents did not express an opinion.

According to CNN, Melania Trump hit her highest favorability rating of 57% in May 2018 after she attended a funeral for former First Lady Barbara Bush. At the time, President Donald Trump declined to attend the funeral.

In comparison, former First Lady Michelle Obama had a 69% favorability rating when she departed the White House in 2017.

President Donald Trump's latest favorability rating was 33% in the most recent CNN poll.