Melania Trump had Google alerts set up to track what people were saying about her: new book
First lady Melania Trump speaking at the RNC Convention (screengrab)

According to a report from CNN -- based upon a tell-all book about the Donald Trump White House -- former first lady Melania Trump was just as obsessed with what people were saying about her in the news and social media as her fame-obsessed president husband.

Relying on excerpts from former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham's upcoming blockbuster memoir "I'll Take Your Questions Now," revealing inner White House doings, CNN reports that Melania -- despite her above-it-all demeanor -- cared deeply about how she was perceived and what was written about her in the press.

According to CNN's Kate Bennett, Grisham wrote that the former president's wife used Google alerts to keep tabs on what people were saying about her.

"Melania Trump was a fan of reading every little thing written about her, with consistency and frequency," Bennett wrote before quoting Grisham writing, "Like her husband and all of his kids, Mrs. Trump scrutinized her press clippings like an expert architect focusing on blueprints. No detail was overlooked, nothing missed her eye. She had Google alerts set up for herself and saw everything."

Bennett adds, "As her spokeswoman, Grisham was on the receiving end of multiple texts per day from the first lady, many regarding how to respond -- or not respond, more accurately -- to a global news media obsessed with understanding the mysterious and elusive first lady."

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