WATCH: Woman goes on profane tirade against 'demonic entities' during school board meeting on masks
Concerned parent Melissa addresses Lee County School Board. (Twitter/Screenshot)

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that Melissa was a "registered" nurse. Raw story has not been able to confirm that claim

A woman unleashed a profane tirade about demons during a Florida school board meeting where a fistfight also broke out over masking rules for children.

The woman, who claimed to be a nurse and mother of two daughters, accused Lee County School Board members -- and others nationwide -- of being "demonic entities" because they were voting to require masks for 30 days as new cases of COVID-19 explode.

"These are demonic entities, and we need to stick together," said the woman, who identified herself as Melissa. "Remember, we have authority in Christ Jesus. These are demonic entities in all the school boards of all the United States of America, and all of us Christians are sticking together to take them all out."

Melissa, who was wearing a badge that read "mass non-compliance is the only way to end this nightmare," then appeared to issue a threat against police officers.

"All the police officers that kick us out for our First Amendment right will also be going down with them," she said. "Do you understand?"

She then appeared to argue that children should be allowed to catch the potentially deadly virus to confer natural immunity.

"I'm a nurse, infectious disease, 13 years -- masks don't work," Melissa said. "These doctors that were sneering at us like we're scumbags, they need to go back to f*cking medical school."

School board members issued a last warning to the woman for cursing and briefly cut off her microphone.

"They need to remember," Melissa said, once her microphone was restored, "natural immunity is best. You are all demonic entities, you are going to be taken down."

Her audio was shut off again and she continued shouting as a police officer escorted her away from the microphone.