‘Trump should not sleep well!’ Is Garland coming for the ex-president? Watergate’s John Dean seems to think so
US Attorney General Merrick Garland (AFP)

In his Wednesday speech before the Justice Department, Attorney General Merrick Garland noted that he and the lawyers at the DOJ would prosecute everyone involved in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol "at any level."

The quote was something that former White House lawyer John Dean saw as an indication that Garland is willing to prosecute former President Donald Trump or even members of Congress if the evidence shows that they committed a crime.

Thus far, the FBI has focused on the thousands of Trump supporters who breached the building, attacked police officers and terrorized those working inside the building.

"Donald Trump and his co-conspirators should not sleep well!" tweeted Dean.

Civil rights attorney Andrew Laufer also pointed to the quote, saying that it was a bold statement. When a follower replied that they didn't believe it, Laufer noted that Garland isn't the type to say something like that if he didn't intend to make a move.