QAnon cultists drawn to Dallas by hideously antisemitic conspiracist who thinks Jesus had four children
Michael Brian Protzman. (Telegram)

The QAnon influencer who drew right-wing conspiracists to Dallas to await John F. Kennedy's reappearance has effectively built a cult around himself.

Conspiracists converged from across the county on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, where the 35th president was assassinated while riding in a car with his wife -- and where the QAnon influencer Michael Brian Protzman, known as Negative48, promised a supernatural spectacle that would return Donald Trump to the White House as the "king of kings," reported Vice.

"His rise to notoriety and fame within the QAnon world has been rapid," the website reported. "Back in March, his Negative48 Telegram channel had around 1,700 members; today, it has over 105,000 members. But aside from the number of followers Protzman has, what makes him stand out from other QAnon influencers is the loyalty and worship he has instilled in those people."

The 58-year-old Protzman, who ran a demolition company in Washington state until beginning his new online career, pushes deeply antisemitic content, questionable financial advice and a fake version of gematria -- a Hebrew system of assigning numerical values to letters, words and phrases.

"The stuff that I have seen has shaken me to my core," said one extremism researcher, who asked for anonymity to protect himself from Protzman and his followers. "They are brainwashing people with English gematria."

Protzman applies this bogus system to passages in the Bible and QAnon slogans, which he uses to spin complex conspiracies linking Christianity, QAnon and the Kennedy family.

"In Protzman's telling, Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had four children with her," Vice reported. "This gave rise to a bloodline that went on to create many famous people today, notably the Kennedys. He also claims that blood type O is a marker for the Christ bloodline and that the 'New World Order' is trying to hunt down that bloodline by DNA testing COVID-19 PCR swabs."

But most of all, Protzman repackages old antisemitic conspiracies for a new audience to claim the Holocaust never happened, and he has promoted the hideously antisemitic 10-part film "Europa: The Last Battle 2017," which claims Jews created communism and purposefully started both world wars in a plot to establish Israel, and the film "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Ever Told."

"There are no Jews, period, anywhere -- period," Protzman said in one audio chat. "There is no Jewish race, and the Jewish leadership are basically the British empire, the Roman empire, it's just the criminals."