'Narcissistic sociopath' Trump believes he's above the law — and it hasn't hit him that it's serious: Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen (Photo via Drew Angerer for AFP)

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "The Beat," former President Donald Trump's one-time attorney and fixer Michael Cohen assessed the implications of the FBI search warrant at Mar-a-Lago.

One of the key things to consider, argued Cohen, is that Trump is still so arrogant that he believes he will not face any consequences for removing classified information.

"You and I know any decent lawyer could say, DOJ is taking this assertively," said anchor Ari Melber. "What does he say in this moment if he doesn't believe it's going get worse?"

"No he does not," said Cohen. "He's such a narcissistic sociopath he does not believe — he thinks he's going to beat all of this. He does not believe documents do not belong to him. You're not permitted to destroy documents, you're not permitted to take documents. They don't belong to him. Now, do I think some of the documents may be love letters from Kim Jong-un or a letter from the queen and he's just holding it so he can brag to somebody at Mar-a-Lardo while chowing down on a burger and ice cream? Absolutely."

"I will ask you this," said Melber. "He is the ultimate declassifying authority. He did have four years to learn the job, and it is a big job. But had he figured out by January 19th he could have declassified virtually all, if not all, of this stuff by declassifying it. He could have legally taken it back to Florida. I know I'm pushing. We have had these conversations before. Am I to understand that someone who just tries to make sense of the news that by the end of the term he didn't know he could use that power that way to avoid this entire search?"

"Absolutely," said Cohen. "They were busy thinking who they were going to pardon for money. Who knows what's really in that safe? Who knows what's in the information that the FBI now has their hands on? And again — I said this — I say gleefully, because everything that he did to people like myself, it's now a karma boomerang. He's now experiencing the full effect of the federal government and the weaponization, as he likes to call it against him. He is the ultimate weaponizer."

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