Exclusive: Michael Cohen's new book highlights Allen Weisselberg's 'lies' used against him
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Michael Cohen's latest book, "Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized the Department of Justice Against His Critics," goes into detail about Allen Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty in court on Thursday. Weisselberg will be sent to prison for about five months in New York's Rikers Island and fined $1.9 million.

Cohen was accused by Weisselberg of being "vengeful" and handing over documents to the district attorney. The New York Daily News reported Weisselberg's attorney, Mary Mulligan, accused then-District Attorney Cy Vance of using Cohen as their main source of information to indict Weisselberg. While Cohen may turn over information to any investigator who asked for it, the reality is the DA's indictment of Weisselberg had nothing to do with Cohen.

DA Alvin Bragg explained that the prosecutors in the Weisselberg case had never even been briefed on the information Cohen gave to them. In May, when Bragg filed his 129-page court document on Weisselberg, Cohen told Raw Story, "this might be the right time for Weisselberg to think about cooperating."

“Weisselberg fails and fails miserably in his vengeful witness defense in the fact that I never testified before the grand jury against him," said Cohen at the time. Assistant District Attorney Solomon Shinerock's "opposition papers clearly demonstrate that the Trump methodology of lying and blaming others only works for Trump; all others get jail time."

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Last week, CNN effectively confirmed the concerns about Weisselberg's casual relationship with the truth. New York prosecutors revealed to the press that they started to suspect that Weisselberg was lying to them.

The over 40-year employee of the Trump Organization scored cars, private school tuition and other gifts from former President Donald Trump.

“This case, at its core, is ordinary,” Shinerock was quoted saying in the New York Daily News in May. “It arises from the fact that Allen Weisselberg violated the basic imperative that all New Yorkers faithfully report and pay tax on their income.”

In his new book, Cohen makes a contrast between himself and Weisselberg.

"Allen was included in everything—not for his legal mind or his strategic abilities, but because he controlled all of the money," the book details. "In every financial transaction, legitimate or otherwise, Weisselberg was somehow involved. My role? I was dispatched to clean up messes created by others in the company. Allen’s role? Make the numbers look good."

He goes on to say Weisselberg is the "real liar" and recalled that Weisselberg lied about the hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels. That information was then used against Cohen while Weisselberg was granted immunity.

Though, Cohen has maintained that neither he nor Weisselberg were as powerful as the head guy: Donald Trump.

"Everything, and I mean everything, was the responsibility of, and all actions were conducted at the direction of Donald Trump for his benefit," Cohen's book also says. "You cannot separate the man from the company any more than you can split yourself in half."

You can pre-order the book and download the foreword at Melville House.