Michael Cohen tips off investigators on who they should 'squeeze' to get to Trump
NBC screenshot

Appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press" with host Chuck Todd, former Donald Trump fixer Michael Cohen was asked about the investigations into the Trump Organization by both the Manhattan DA's office and New York Attorney General Letitia "Tish" James and handed off a few suggestions about how to get someone to flip on the ex-president and his family.

Saying he didn't want to reveal too much about what he knows about the multiple investigations so far -- after having spoken with investigators -- Cohen suggested that Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg would never turn on Trump and his kids Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric, but that could change if they "squeezed" members of Weisselberg's family who are implicated in the investigation.

"Allen Weisselberg is not the key," he told Todd. "They are going after Donald, Junior, Eric Ivanka -- a whole slew of individuals, family as well."

Pressed further about Weisselberg, Cohen explained, "They didn't really do to Allen Weisselberg what they did to me. You know, the threat to me was that they were going to file an 85-page indictment that was going to include my wife. They were going to say she was a co-conspirator to the hush money payment which was absolutely nonsensical."

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"Look, I've been married for 27 years to the same woman, there was no chance in the world that I was going to put her at risk with these animals," he admitted. " The way they came down on me was nothing like the way came after Weisselberg. They should be squeezing, right now, Barry Weisselberg who worked for the Trump Organization and they should be squeezing Jack Weisselberg, who is only one of two organizations who loaned money to the Trump Organization that we still know, you know, when we talk about whether Donald Trump inflated or deflated his assets."

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