Michael Cohen says Trump ally Robert Costello's 'making up stories' to grand jury: 'A typical Trump play'
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Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen appeared on MSNBC on Monday evening after Trump ally Robert Costello spoke out about what he told the grand jury.

MSNBC's Ari Melber went line-by-line with what Costello said outside the New York court, and Cohen explained why what Costello claimed was absurd.

Cohen began by explaining that he had never even worked with Costello when he reached out to the law firm

"When he says he was speaking with you and advising you, was he your lawyer at the time?" Melber asked Cohen.

"No, in fact, there are so many things about his statement which is untrue, first and foremost, that I reached out to them. I didn't know Bob Costello from a hole in the wall," said Cohen. "In fact, the senior partner of the firm, Jeffrey Citron is the one who introduced us and said we should speak and so we set up a meeting. They came. I think either they brought me a retainer or said they were sending one or a letter of engagement. I never signed it. He was never my lawyer."

Another lie is that he waved attorney-client privilege, Cohen said he'd like to know when, where and how because he doesn't remember that.

He also said that the idea that Trump was just doing a "settlement" with adult film star Stormy Daniels is absurd because there was no lawsuit.

"She was going public at a bad time in the campaign," said Cohen.

He also said that the idea that he was accused of perjury and lying to Congress was because he cited real estate deals for Trump at three when the reality was ten. It had nothing to do with Daniels or anything in this case.

"It's a typical Donald J. Trump play out of the playbook,”said Cohen. "How do you muddy the water as best as he possibly can? Disparage them. They did the same thing to Cassidy Hutchinson and did the same thing to anyone and everyone that is for the truth, and the beauty, the beauty that I have is I have facts. I have truth. I have the documentation. Let me rephrase that. The district attorney has the documentation in order to validate every single statement that I've made and to basically dispel anything that Bob Costello has to say which is probably, again, why they didn't need me for rebuttal."

See a clip of the interview below or at the link here.

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