Trump fanatics have been pushing for Myanmar-style coup months before Flynn mentioned it this week: CNN reporter
A Trump supporter tells CNN she wants America to have a Myanmar-style coup. (Screen cap / CNN)

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn endorsed a Myanmar-style coup in the United States over the weekend, and CNN reporter Donie O'Sullivan says that sentiment is becoming increasingly prevalent among hardcore Trump fanatics.

While discussing Flynn's remarks on Tuesday, O'Sullivan cued up interviews he'd done with Trump supporters earlier this year, including one woman who explicitly said America should follow Myanmar's example and have a military coup to put Trump back in charge.

"Biden is just -- he's like a puppet president. The military is in charge," the woman told him. "It's going to be like Myanmar, what's happening in Myanmar. The military is doing their own investigation and, at the right time, they'll be restoring the republic with Trump as president."

A pair of Trump supporters similarly told O'Sullivan that they would "absolutely" like to see a Myanmar-style situation where the military takes over the government, as they believe the 2020 election "was stolen from us."

O'Sullivan then noted that, even though Flynn has now disavowed his own endorsement of a military coup, many Trump supporters have been promoting it online for months now.

"This talk of a coup is something that has been floating around the QAnon and conspiracy theory world that Flynn and Sidney Powell... have lived in for quite some time," O'Sullivan explained.

Watch the video below.

Trump fanatics have disturbing tendency to cite Myanmar coup as a model for America