‘Full-on crackpot’ Mike Flynn keeps giving the world new reasons to think Trump is ‘stupid’: Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said former national security adviser Michael Flynn keeps providing new reasons to question Donald Trump's intelligence for hiring him to work in the White House.

The retired U.S. Army general-turned-QAnon conspiracist told a right-wing gathering the U.S. must establish "one religion under God," which the "Morning Joe" host ripped as unconstitutional, un-American and unhinged.

"You have the question who in the world would be stupid enough to name him national security adviser, especially when he was warned repeatedly against doing so," Scarborough said. "The very birth of this nation was based on religious tolerance. People fled England and Europe because they wanted religious freedom. They wanted to worship their god as they saw fit without governmental interference."

"What's so disturbing, it's not this general who's now full-on crack pot mode, it's not that he's saying this from a stage, it's unfortunately that more people are thinking this way," Scarborough added. "It's just, again, it does such violence to this country's heritage, it does such violence to the First Amendment. There is a reason why it was a First Amendment, freedom of religion. There is a reason why that was, again, why people fled religious persecution that came to this country."

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