Americans demand arrest of Michael Flynn after he 'jokes' about assassination in Washington, DC with his new gun
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn addresses the Republican National Convention (Screen cap).

In May, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn joked about a coup to take over the American government. Now he's "joking" about assassination.

When being awarded over the weekend with a new rifle, Flynn told the audience in Yuba, California, "Maybe I'll find someone in Washington, D.C."

"I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here?" someone asked Flynn from the QAnon conference audience as others cheered.

"No reason. I mean, it should happen," said Flynn.

It's entirely possible that Flynn simply has a homicidal sense of humor or finds murder and the violent overthrow of the American government amusing.

Either way, it sent many to question why Flynn hasn't gotten a visit by the FBI to question some of his statements.

The comments come just a week after two shootings in Washington, one outside of National's Stadium and one in Logan Circle, less than a mile from the White House.

See the responses to Flynn below: