'Crazy conspiracy theory': Wisconsin elections chief pans effort to 'decertify' the election

Allies of Donald Trump on Tuesday continued their efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

"The former state Supreme Court justice leading the GOP-ordered review into the 2020 election on Tuesday said the state Legislature "ought to take a very hard look" at decertifying the state's presidential election," the Wisconsin State Journal reported. "Gableman released a new 136-page 'interim report' from his ongoing review, which reiterates several GOP criticisms of the state's presidential election, including that millions of dollars of private grants allocated to cities to administer the election amid the COVID-19 pandemic constituted bribery — a claim that has been tossed out by courts."

Donald Trump emailed reporters a statement saying, "Everyone who loves America should be closely following today’s vital hearing in the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Election with highly respected former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman."

Gableman also urged the legislature to eliminate the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission, which was created by Republicans in 2016. The commission's chairwoman blasted Gableman's approach.

State Rep. Jim Steineke, who serves as GOP Majority Leader, agreed that efforts to decertify the vote are not legal and said it would be a "fools' errand."

"Focus on the future," he counseled.