Pence adviser explains why fixing democracy may be impossible: ‘We're in greater danger today than Jan. 6’
Mike Pence, photo by Gage Skidmore.

A former judge who has been considered for the U.S. Supreme Court by Republican presidents believes political polarization may make the task of repairing democracy impossible.

Michael Luttig, who advised former vice president Mike Pence to resist Donald Trump's pressure to overturn his election loss, spoke with The Bulwark's Bill Kristol about the ongoing threat those corrupt efforts continue to pose to constitutional democracy, and he revealed why he's less optimistic about the future.

"Well, the five-alarm fire has been going off continuously since Jan. 6," Luttig told Kristol. "That's why I am very concerned about where the country is today. In my view, we haven't even begun to address the problems and, as I said, as of this moment, I believe there's a complete unwillingness to address the problems."

The House select committee is expected to make recommended changes to the Electoral Count Act, which has some embedded ambiguities some Trump allies tried to exploit to nullify the election results, but Luttig is concerned that political polarization may prevent meaningful reform.

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"The country is now completely politicized and politically polarized, that there’s a natural unwillingness for any of the players who can address the problems, to address them, in fact," Luttig said.

"Because of this frightening politicization of everything and of American society, and the complete polarization of our politics, I believe that we are in greater danger today than we were on Jan. 6," he added. "The reaction has been just the opposite of what it ought to have been. Namely, we have a complete denial of the 2020 election. We have a denial of the significance of Jan. 6 for our country, and we have a continued war going on now over America over its institutions of democracy."

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