GOPer says Dems are trying to 'muck up' America: 'I worry they're going to expand health care and education'
Fox News/screen grab

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) on Sunday said that he opposed a House infrastructure bill because Democrats want to "muck it up" with spending on health care and education.

"I think infrastructure is popular," McCaul told Fox News host Mike Emanuel. "I think it is bipartisan. I know the Senate working with the president is trying to work out a bipartisan agreement. That's our best chance for success here."

"I think what the House [Speaker Nancy Pelosi] put forward was a totally partisan measure," he continued. "One out of every two dollars went to the Green New Deal. Totally unacceptable to Republicans."

McCaul argued that Democrats should be focused on what he called "traditional infrastructure" like roads and bridges.

He opposed the Democratic bill because he said his opponents were going to "muck it up" with other types of infrastructure.

"Things that have nothing to do with infrastructure," McCaul complained. "I worry that they're going to expand health care and education that have nothing to do with infrastructure."

Watch the video below from Fox News.