Pro-secession GOP candidate warned of 'legal consequences' over apparent plot to create chaos at polls
Michael Peroutka (Official photo)

The campaign of Michael Peroutka, the Republican candidate to be Maryland's attorney general, has received a warning about an apparent strategy of creating chaos at polling places.

WUSA 9 reports that the Maryland attorney general’s office issued a statement this week after Peroutka campaign manager Mackey Stafford was caught on video encouraging supporters to show up late to polling places with the intention of creating long lines that could potentially discourage Democratic voters from casting their ballots.

"Anybody who intentionally interferes with someone else’s attempt to vote is committing a crime and is subject to prosecution," the office said.

Earlier this week, Stafford was shown on video telling supporters to "vote on November 8 as late in the day as possible" on the grounds that "if everyone could stand in long, long lines at 6 o’clock, that would actually help us."

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Peroutka is well known for his past embrace of radical positions, as he is a former board member of the neo-Confederate League of the South who says he's "still angry" that Maryland was not able to secede during the American Civil War.

Additionally, Peroutka believes that LGBTQ marriage and abortion should be outlawed for going against "God's law," and he has also criticized the entire concept of public education as a communist plot whose goal is to "transform America away from a Christian worldview."