Official prayer at pro-Trump rally claims 'election shall be rectified in Jesus name'
RSBN/screen grab

A speaker at a rally in Lansing, Michigan invoked Jesus Christ in the effort to overturn the 2020 election for President Donald Trump.

As the rally to demand for election audits concluded on Tuesday, a final speaker took the stage to offer a Christian prayer.

"We are telling God we will not let go, we will not stop, we will not back up until you bless Michigan and until you bless America again," the speaker prayed. "Amen! We are making America great again. We are putting prayer back in America again. We are putting God back in America again."

"Father, we thank you for this gathering," she continued. "We thank you, God, that we have momentum. There's a momentum of righteousness and we will not let go until you bless us and we will not take no for an answer."

The speaker prayed that God would "breathe the breath of life" on the ideas presented at the pro-Trump rally.

"And this election integrity, everything, Lord God, will be turned around in Jesus name and for your glory," she concluded. "Amen! God bless you! Go with God! Michigan shall be saved! The election shall be rectified in Jesus name!"

Watch the video below from RSBN.