Michigan Republicans hatching 'unprecedented' plot to create 'chaos' at polling places: reporter
"Vote here" sign to direct voters to the polling place (Shutterstock).

Reporter Heidi Przbyia on Wednesday broke down new revelations about Michigan GOP operatives launching what she describes as an "unprecedented" effort to recruit poll workers to directly contest elections at polling places across the state.

As Przbyia reported in Politico, the plan is to "install trained recruits as regular poll workers and put them in direct contact with party attorneys" so they can challenge votes in real time.

Speaking about the report on CNN, Przbyia outlined just how much this could disrupt the voting process on election day.

"Election legal experts I talked to say that this this is unprecedented," she said. "That a political party would be putting together this type of a network where they're recruiting folks, many who are election deniers, to get into the architecture of the election system, equipping them with training as well as new tools including, for instance, a hotline so that they are in constant contact with roving party attorneys."

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She then noted that these Michigan GOP poll workers would be installed in heavily Democratic areas with the goal of creating enough uncertainty about the actual election results so that they can be challenged legally.

"On election day, they could really kick up a haze of legal uncertainty in these primarily Democratic districts," she said. "Now, the concern there is that if there are these legal questions in these primarily democratically districts, if they create this type of chaos, that you raise questions about being able to certify."

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Michigan Republicans hatching 'unprecedented' plot to create 'chaos' at polling places: reporter www.youtube.com